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Elizabeth Dorsey

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Elizabeth Dorsey, ERYT-500, Owner, Instructor & Founder at Barefoot Lizard Yoga

As an experienced yoga teacher, Elizabeth brings her whole heart, an ever-evolving education, and a firm belief that the spirit knows how to heal itself, provided we can become still enough to listen to it.

Registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500, Elizabeth has been a full-time yoga instructor for more than 12 years, accruing well over 10,000 teaching hours along her way. Her initial 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification was achieved under the guidance Graham Fowler at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where she studied Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing & energy techniques), Practical & Subtle Anatomy. Elizabeth continued her studies with Graham Fowler and Elizabeth Nix, receiving advanced certifications in Holistic & Therapeutic Applications of Yogic Arts and Antaranga Meditation. Elizabeth's other certifications include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and The Mind Body Connection.

Prior to opening Barefoot Lizard Yoga Studio, Elizabeth traveled the roads bringing yoga to all kinds of folks in all kinds of places. On any given day, she could be found unloading her yoga mats, blankets, and boombox in order to pop-up a yoga class in a hotel lobby, a parking lot, a library, a church basement, a community center, or a neighborhood clubhouse. After logging more than 150,000 "yoga miles" on her beloved Prius, Elizabeth listened to her heart (and her family) and decided it was time to settle down. Her car still smells like lavender oil.

The wife of a retired Marine/combat veteran, Elizabeth is a trained provider of therapeutic yoga for combat veterans with PTSD symptoms. She has worked closely with wounded warriors and their families at the Roosevelt Rehabilitation Center, Warm Springs, Georgia.

Dedicated to her own meditation and asana practice, Elizabeth has a deep love and commitment to preserving the earth's natural beauty and wildlife.

She has five children, two dogs, one rooster, four hens, one cat, and the big dream of one day making a solo pilgrimage on the Appalachian Trail. Elizabeth currently resides at the end of a long dirt road in Newnan, Georgia. 


Christin Cifaldi

Christin Cifaldi, RYT200, Yoga Instructor

Christin has been practicing yoga for over 18 years, since she was old enough to drive herself to her local YMCA. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance (RYT 200®) teacher training at Soul Space Yoga and Wellness in Southington, Connecticut, and recently moved south to Georgia for work and weather. When she’s not teaching yoga, Christin enjoys CrossFit, gardening and reading.


David Newman

David Newman, RYT200, Yoga Instructor

"I will bring physical energy to the class while not forgetting the intrinsic benefits of a yoga practice that focuses on the mind and spirit within us all."

Guest Teacher David Newman will be leading our 10 am Saturday Morning One-Hour Vinyasa, beginning in August.

David is a native Atlantan (Buckhead), who remembers when you could ride a bike (safely) on Peachtree to Lenox Square.

David began his yoga practice in 2006 after an injury. He was living in Asheville NC at the time and had the opportunity to experience many styles of yoga, including Bikram Yoga, Baptiste Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga. He settled on Vinyasa and this year received his yoga teaching certification at Highland Yoga in Atlanta, which specializes in a heated vinyasa flow style of yoga.

David resides in the Serenbe community of Chattahoochee Hills.

Welcome David!


Helle Stampe Ladefoged

Helle Stampe Ladefoged, RYT200, Yoga Instructor

Helle was introduced to Yoga about 15 years ago in Denmark in a very stressful period of her life. The "Peace" that yoga and meditation brought, changed her life, so when she moved to Peachtree City in September 2015, from Denmark, she decided to make Yoga the foundation in her life. She received her Yoga Teaching Certification from Peachtree Yoga Center, in Sandy Springs. 

"To me, Yoga is different every day, but I am always learning new things about myself when I do yoga. If I can bring one new thought of peace and calm to the yogis I teach, then all is good. You will always find a mindful and slow approach to yoga in my classes. Even if we are challenged and pushed just a little, "Peace" is always found right there in our breath. Namaste."


Gary May

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Gary May, Yoga Instructor & Senior Health Advocate

According to Gary, we can improve our posture and reduce back pain in the following three ways:
1. Stretching to ease ligament and muscle tightness in the hips, lower back, and hamstrings,
2. Strengthening the trunk core - the muscles around the hips, in the back, and in the abdominals, and
3. Stretching and carefully twisting to elongate the spine, which decompresses the discs and opens the spaces between the vertebrae while increasing blood flow to the spinal area.
Gary has been practicing yoga with Elizabeth at Barefoot Lizard Yogasince it first opened in 2013. After suffering two fractured vertebrae (L1 and L3), each held together with medical cement, Gary began researching the issue of back pan and has tried various remedies. With additional guidance from his son, who is a doctor of physical therapy & sports medicine, Gary has been selecting, refining, and performing various exercises to heal the back.


Tiffany Flock

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Tiffany Flock, RYT 200, Yoga Instructor

Tiffany has enjoyed yoga since becoming a mom.  Her practice brought her peace and rejuvenation that she just didn’t get with other workouts.  With a regular practice, Tiffany says she is calmer and less reactive in her daily life.


Tiffany teaches what she has branded, UP Yoga.  It is an Uplifting and Powerful vinyasa flow set to popular, feel good music.  You will get in a great workout, leave uplifted and ready to take on the day. No experience necessary, you don’t even have to be flexible. She teaches postures with a focus on alignment and the breath.


The selfless act of being a mom will keep you on your toes, it is easy to feel overworked and stressed.  Tiffany works with moms to help them destress and teach them techniques that they can do on their own whenever they need a little self TLC.  "It is important that we take a little time to take care of ourselves, we need to be the best version of ourselves in order to best take care of the ones we love. Happy Mommy = Happy Kids."


Tiffany's Disclaimer:  "I am not a pretzel, I can not contort my body in ungodly ways.  I do not take amazing Instagram pictures of doing handstands in a bikini.  I am just a regular mom that loves yoga and showing others how to live a more uplifted life."


Carole Schmitt

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Carole Schmitt, RYT200, Yoga Instructor

Carole believes life is better with yoga and chocolate. She credits yoga with helping her navigate through breast cancer four years ago. She realized how things she learned “on the mat" gave her the tools to deal with life “off the mat.” Yoga has taught Carole to be more in the moment, breathe through the tough times, and recognize her inner strength.

Carole graduated from the Breathe for Change 200-Hour Wellness and Yoga Teacher Training in Madison, WI (Summer 2018). She first started practicing yoga with Elizabeth when Barefoot Lizard Yoga opened in 2013.

    Carole is originally from Wisconsin but has lived in Georgia for many years. She is married, has 2 adult daughters and 2 rescue dogs. She works as a school based occupational therapist when not practicing yoga, and hopes to bring mindful movement to more educators and students.

    Carole brings a playful and creative style to her yoga classes. She hopes to empower others to practice “well-being” and “self-love” in their lives, relationships and communities.