Lend a hand...

*We recommend that those interested in participating in our volunteer program attend yoga classes at our studio for at least a month before applying.

We want our volunteers to value their "free unlimited classes" as much as we value our volunteers.

This is a commitment.

Our volunteers are very important to us.

They work hard.

They greet our clients.

They work closely with our instructors.

They remain after class to help the instructors tidy up the studio.

This job may be for you if:

You are reliable & dependable & motivated.

You have a regular yoga practice

You can commit to working at least five shifts each month in exchange for unlimited free yoga classes for that month.

As a studio volunteer, your duties include assisisting the yoga instructor in opening the studio, running the front desk during check-ins, locking the front door ten minutes after class has begun, and then helping the instructor to clean up and close up the studio after class is finished.

For more information call Elizabeth at 706-957-6255 or email barefootlizardyoga@gmail.com