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No prior Breathwork experience required to attend.
What it’s about:
Soulful Breathwork is a simple form of conscious breathing that heals and rejuvenates physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Breathing continuously, for an extended period of time, in a fully supported and safe environment, causes deep relaxation and facilitates the safe release of physical and emotional trauma stored in the body. The method is gentle but extremely effective because it activates the intrinsic intelligence of the body to heal and generate cumulative and permanent change. Soulful Breathwork is an excellent tool for self-discovery, often leading to a more integrated and authentic experience of self and increased compassion toward self and others. Join us and transform your life.

Plamen Russev is deeply committed to supporting human development in his work as a certified Integral Coach and Soulful Breathwork practitioner. His initial contact with this form of breathwork clearly revealed the deep yet gentle power of the practice and transformed his own life and development. Soulful Breathwork celebrates the uniqueness of each person's experience thus allowing our own breath and our own body to become our most intimate allies and guides through life and into our authentic self.

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